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Translators – native speaking subject matter experts, 7 August 2016

Translation brings communication success, but misunderstandings can damage your business’s reputation

High quality is the ultimate goal of any translation, which should be done by native speakers of the target language who understand the subject matter involved. Workflow is reduced and quality control quicker and easier if a translation’s terminology fits the exact requirements of the target language, and these efficiencies are now hugely important in choosing a service provider. Equally, the target language specific audience will not realise they are reading a translation when they come to view the text.

However, not many of us realise that the real key to success lies in high-quality translation, ensuring linguistic consistency and compliance with the client’s needs, including the following:

● An exact rendering of the intended meaning of the original text and logical cohesion
● Consistent terminology
● Compliance of terminology with the client’s needs
● Targeting of the text to the target language specific audience

Quality control

Our native speaking subject matter experts must meet strict criteria, while Quality Managers look at the following with the utmost scrutiny:

● Proper training in translation, proofreading or copywriting
● Area of expertise (technical, medical, legal etc.)
● Minimum of 5 years’ experience in translation, proofreading or copywriting
● Excellent sense of language since texts of different complexity levels are offered for translation and editing

Our translators and proof-readers do our quality control. To cross-check the work, we also use our best-performing freelance interpreters, translators, proof-readers and native speaking subject matter experts. The Quality Assurance Supervisor at the Translation Agency completes an internal audit.

We thoroughly assess the quality of each completed translation. When we’re asked to do a translation, we choose the leading translator in the relevant language combination and the field of the assignment in hand. To achieve the highest quality in line with international quality management standard ISO 9001:2000 and the translation service provider standard LVS EN 15038, our clients play an active role in this evaluation process.

Evaluation by HR specialists

HR specialists in turn evaluate other qualities in a translator such as reliability, loyalty, confidentiality, work attitude, co-operation, being result-driven; references from previous employers are also taken into consideration.

The client’s viewpoint

Sometimes, clients cannot afford to pay a high price, which is a financially justified decision to save money. However, good quality is almost incompatible with low rates. Also, now and then clients do not want to assess the service costs due to a lack of time, quite often mistakenly thinking that translation is done automatically by a machine, without any human involvement.

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