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Receive your translations by private air courier

PR Holding Ltd., 11th May 2009

In the battle to attract clients, some Latvian companies are employing highly original solutions. An example of this is a new service offered by the translation agency - delivery of confidential documents and translations by air courier.

The internet has significantly speeded up the transmission of information. Unfortunately, this technology does not guarantee that documents will remain confidential and data will be fully protected. This means that new methods must be developed to deliver translated texts to clients securely, quickly and without problems, or forgotten older methods must be reinstituted.

A market survey conducted by reveals that large and medium sized enterprises would be most interested in the delivery of translations by private plane or helicopter. As many of these companies have business partners and investors overseas, they rely on qualitatively produced texts, contracts and resolutions to build successful relationships. It is no secret that such documents are often commercial secrets, and therefore it is the translator’s duty to protect them from prying eyes.

Kristine Salcevica, head of, states that although there are many translation agencies operating in Latvia, only a few are capable of ensuring a high level of data security. Furthermore, using regular mail or road couriers wastes important business time. “In order to make the delivery of documents faster, reduce the possibility of information being leaked and to deliver orders directly to our clients, we have decided to begin delivery of specific translations by private air courier,” says Ms. Salcevica.

Under this special offer, it will be possible to deliver translations to business partners overseas from all Latvian cities with airports - Riga, Adazi, Ventspils, Liepaja, Cesis, Talsi, Jelgava and Daugavpils. In addition, the service provider will also ensure delivery of the document original. This means that the client will directly hand over their order to a company representative, who in turn will deliver it without delay to the translation agency and then return the processed document back to the client.

This approach means that confidential texts can be processed in just a few hours. For example, document translation and delivery from Riga to Liepaja will take 3 to 5 hours on average, depending on the text volume. Using a road courier or regular mail, this process would take around 24 hours.

Of course, this service will cost more and is designed primarily for large international companies with the greatest need for it. However, we are confident that medium and small enterprises will also be able to afford translations delivered by private air courier in the event of necessity.

For further information contact:
Kristine Salcevica
Head of translation group
Phone: +371 22003316

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