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The poetry collection 5 9 7 by Matthias Knoll has been published

PR Holding Ltd., September 28, 2009

The poetry collection 5 9 7 - Love’s Enchanted Winds by Matthias Knoll, a German poet and translator living in Latvia, has been published. The chronologically arranged cycle of poems speak of a romantic, passionate yet unrequited love. The collection offers a mirror to readers with a similar experience to see themselves, so that through the poetry they can define their own feelings and experiences.

Thanks to Matthias Knoll and his website, German speakers have had the opportunity to discover around 60 outstanding Latvian writers. He has translated works by contemporary writers such as Inga Ābele, Pauls Bankovskis, Sandra Kalniete, Margarita Perveņecka, Gundega Repse, Dace Ruksane, Karlis Verdins and Mara Zalite, as well as literary classics by Vizma Belsevica, Aleksandrs Caks, Anatols Imermanis, Ojars Vacietis and others. In addition, his published books include three novels, two short story collections, two poetry anthologies, a play, the poetic work “A Song of Praise for Riga” by Basilius Plinius, a catalogue for the Museum of Occupation, as well as several publications about Riga.

Matiass Knoll has completed five collections of poetry in German but 5 9 7 ( is his first work published in Latvian. The book is divided into three sections and includes around 60 poems. A dozen of these are written in German, seven are in English and eight in a mixed language. The author has also translated two of the German and two of the English poems into Latvian, and these are presented in bilingual form.

The collection was written in the space of 597 days, about 18 months. The title can also be interpreted as a date, because the first poem in the collection “For one night only” is dated September 6, 2009 (the morning of 6.9.7). Unusually, the pages of the book are not numbered, and only the dates of composition for the poems allow the reader to navigate through it.

The author admits that this unusual work reflects one of his own passions. “The title of the book and its structure as well as the final poem, which is outside the cycle, is a warning about something that seems like love but which is really an obsession,” says Mattias Knoll. He indicates that the collection precisely maps the typical stages of obsession: euphoria, idealising and confluence; misunderstandings, arguments and reconciliations; breaking up, sobering up and despair. The final stage is distancing and liberation from the beloved person, who turns out to have been more of an imagined figure or a screen for projecting one’s own feelings.

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