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Notarial and translation services available in Australia

Rudite Babra,, 1st November, 2009

The translation agency continues successfully engaging appropriate personnel. It has recently begun collaborating with a specialist, Mr Mikelis Strikis, an Australian solicitor and notary of Latvian origin, for the purpose of translating legal documents.

Mr Strikis, who has been a solicitor since 1974 and a notary since 1992, will soon become the only officially recognized Latvian language translator and interpreter in Australia. Mr Strikis’ office is located in New South Wales and he himself is the owner of his practice.

Mr Strikis has not only a wide-ranging practice and extensive experience with documents, but as an interpreter he has appeared in Latvia’s courts to interpret the oral evidence of a witness who could speak only English.

Following the accession of our country into the EU, the issue of translating various legislative provisions into the Latvian language has become acute and Mr Strikis stands ready to participate in the process should that be required by Latvia.

Mr Strikis plans to move to Latvia, the birthplace of both his parents, by 2015. He considers as being a translation agency with potential for valuable co-operation. “A top class translator is characterized by not only an excellent knowledge of the relevant languages, but also by a specialized knowledge of the field to which the material being translated relates. Such a translator is able to use professional terminology precisely and is able to explain complex words and phrases, the true meaning of which is clear only to professionals in the relevant field. The translation must reveal the nuances which exist in the source language because, for example, especially in the English language if nuances are lost then so too can be lost the essence of the material being translated” says Mr Mikelis Strikis.

Mr Strikis is happy to collaborate immediately with private persons and companies who know how to appreciate quality work and his 35 years of experience.

Compared with the situation in Australia, Latvia is characterized by a demand for translations of many types and Mr Strikis would be pleased to engage in such work because he is fluent in English and in Latvian and sees such work as forming a foundation for his future here in Latvia.

Avail yourself of this opportunity to obtain from us reliable documents which have been translated by a highly qualified lawyer!

Additional information:
Mikelis Strikis, B.A., LL.B.
Solicitor and Public Notary
Phone/Fax: +61 263736435

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