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Doing Business in Latvia

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After Latvia regained its independence in 1991, linguists and translation experts from London came here and started building teams from among those in the country. Over the past seventeen years, we, took note and learned how to rise to the pinnacle of quality - in the language industry - exemplified by these British linguists with their masterful experience. Our company, established in Latvia in 2008, has adapted this tradition as its own and brings together a group of elite translators, editors and writers from the best professionals working in this field today. Our business has the stable, deep roots of a large oak tree and may now be counted among the elite players in the field.

We have a broad network of certified translators and professionals in their respective translation fields, covering areas such as information technologies, medicine, finance, economics, law, engineering etc. For any given project, we involve the most appropriate specialists in the respective field.

We work in accordance with leading world standards, we only employ specialists who have passed our company’s tests.

There is only one authentic beauty in the world: the magnificence of human relations.

Antoine de Saint Exupéry

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